North Highlands Phone Fixer does various Phone Repairs.

North Highlands Phone Fixer does various Phone Repairs.

North Highlands phone fixer - Broken screenCurrently, having a handheld device proves to be a necessity rather than a luxury, making it essential to have a North Highlands phone fixer at reach if you need a phone repair near me. The following are some phone repairs that a North Highlands phone fixer can attend to.

  1. Broken screen

The repairing process of your phone is determined by how your phone’s screen was built. Where the screen and glass are fused, the repair process can be costly and complicated. If they are not, then a replacement screen can suffice, whichever the case dissembling of the phone is required.

  1. Repairing the headphones jacks

North Highlands phone fixer - Repairing the headphones jacksHeadphones are known to stress the jacks, especially during a workout or other activity; hence, resulting in the jacks malfunctioning. Replacing headphones jacks are easy and cheap as they’re self-contained and are directly attached to the motherboard.

  1. Stuck/loose buttons

Another repair that the North Highlands phone fixer performs is repairing a loose or stuck button. This is done by replacing them; thankfully, purchasing hardware buttons replacements and replacing them is relatively easy. This is because a majority of buttons are attached to the motherboard using cables. This process requires one to be very careful.

  1. Camera repairs

North Highlands phone fixer - Camera repairsCamera repair is yet another phone repair that a North Highlands phone fixer performs. The camera hardware cannot malfunction owing to a cracked camera lens; however, if it does, replacing camera sensors can be done quickly. The entire unit is attached through a cable to the motherboard; the exterior glass is easily replaced if it’s broken.

North Highlands phone fixer, as seen, offers the mentioned repairs, among others. Therefore, for such repairs and more, visit First Response Phone Repair, where we also deal with tablet, console, and computer repairs. We Provide warranty services on all our repairs and have our shops located in Rancho Cordova and  Sacramento.